Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the jewelry on this site?

The jewelry featured on this site is all designed and handmade by me, the artist, Kate Taylor, in my Brooklyn studio in NYC, USA. I also use NYC based casters, platers & stone setters for certain pieces. I use chain made in the USA. I love transparency and to talk about how things are made, so feel free to email me with any questions!

Is the jewelry sustainable/ethical?

I design, make & finish all of my jewelry in house in my Brooklyn studio, use local casting companies for reproduction, and only use chain manufactured in the USA (MA to be exact), so everything on this site is 100% made locally. I use ethically sourced (or lab grown) gemstones, recycled metal & other recycled materials whenever possible. The casting company I use obtains their metal from a refiner that uses 100% recycled gold and silver, and is one of only two refiners recognized/approved by Ethical Metalsmiths. The facility that houses my studio, Brooklyn Metal Works, has a strong commitment to safety and environmentally friendly practices as well. For more information on a particular piece, please feel free to contact. I care about our planet and the people living here, too, so thanks for reading this!

I'm allergic to nickel, can I buy jewelry from Kate Taylor Design?

YES! All of my jewelry is nickel free. Some people with sensitive skin also react to brass, though (it turns their skin greenish, but is not dangerous), so let me know if you have questions about a particular piece. Silver or gold are the safest options if your skin is very sensitive. 

What if I want something custom made?

I am happy to discuss one-of-a-kind projects. A clear timeline & fee will be laid out before any work begins. Please use the contact page to get started.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes- if you are a boutique interested in access to my digital line sheet, please feel free to email me.