About Kate.

When I was younger I wanted to be Indiana Jones. In all honesty, I still wish it was a viable career option. But alas, instead of digging up shiny artifacts in far off places, I have to console myself with making them using my own two hands, which is also very satisfying. 

When I make jewelry, I feel connected to a tradition that goes back thousands of years. When you wear my pieces, I want you to feel that connection too. I visit museums frequently for inspiration, drawing heavily from the geometry of ancient/tribal jewelry, ceramics & textiles. I love geometry that has a warm, human feel, so I cut and carve all my original models by hand, without the aid of laser-cutting or computer. I believe jewelry should be comfortable but also substantial, subtly reminding you of its presence and giving you confidence throughout the day. My jewelry is for modern adventurers, dreamers, and doers of all kinds.

All of the pieces featured on this site are designed and made by me in my New York studio. 


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I paint with shapes
— Alexander Calder