Jewelry Care

To keep jewelry looking great, please keep these simple guidelines in mind:

  • Keeping pieces clean & dry will slow tarnishing and protect the finish. Please remove before showering, washing dishes, or going in the ocean/pool. 
  • Avoid contact with beauty products- put your jewelry on after applying hairspray, perfume, lotion, body chocolate, etc.
  • Remove jewelry when doing any strenuous activities (working out, assembling Ikea furniture, etc). Metal is strong but it isn't invincible. 

Metal Jewelry

  • Silver & brass tarnish over time– this is perfectly normal. Tarnish appears as a darkening or discoloration on the surface of the metal and can be removed by buffing the piece gently with a jewelry polishing cloth. (Or you can leave it there- some people like the look of brass as it "ages")
  • If your metal jewelry does get dirty, you can clean it gently with liquid soap & water and an old toothbrush. Rinse & dry thoroughly after washing. (Do not wash wood jewelry!)
  • Do NOT use silver cleaning solutions/liquids. These will remove oxidized (darkened) details from the jewelry. Also they are very harsh chemicals and bad for you!

Wood &  Alternative Materials 

  • Wood is very sensitive to moisture so keep pieces away from the sink, shower, ocean, red wine, coffee etc.  
  • Store wood jewelry in a cool, dry place. (not in the bathroom or a rainforest!)


If you are unsure about anything, feel free to email me!