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Shield of Light Amulet

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Shields are built for protection, and hold great power whether they are physical or metaphorical. This amulet is for modern warriors who may need extra protection from negativity. In times of self doubt, its rounded edges and cool, solid form provide soothing solace when held and turned over and over in the palm. 

Shield of Light Amulet is available in solid bronze or sterling silver with a satin finish and dark oxidized details. Amulet comes on a 24” chain, measures 2” long, ¾” wide (52x20mm) with a thickness of 1/8” (2.5mm) and includes a hand-set 8x10mm rectangle stone at the center. 

Ready-to-ship stone/metal combos will ship right away, made-to-order pieces will ship in 2-3 weeks. Please email to see additional photos of available stones or to make custom requests. 

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bones amulet silver.jpg
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