Mountain Amulet Necklace

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You're deep in the wilderness, 3 days into your trek through Torres Del Paine. As the sun peeks out from behind a cloud, something golden catches your eye. You reach down and pluck something shiny from the grayish rubble at your feet. An amulet depicting peaks like those that tower around you. What lost civilization created it? You can only guess. As you run your fingers across its smooth surface, the aching in your legs begins to fade. You quickly pocket the treasure and continue on.  

Mountain amulet available in solid bronze or sterling silver with oxidized detail & a satin finish. Dimensions of pendant are 1" x 1.5". 

Bronze amulet comes on a 24" high quality gold-fill chain. Gold-fill material has a thicker layer of gold than plated material and therefore lasts longer with heavy wear. 

Sterling amulet comes on a 24" high quality sterling silver chain. 

***Please note: This item is made to order so please allow 2-3 weeks processing time. ***

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